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Z-Wells is an artist, songwriter, and producer out of Houston, Texas, born in Alexandria, Louisiana. Being a Hip-Hop artist who also dips into R&B and Neo-Soul, his music gives a nostalgic and warm feel with his soulful melodic choices and his deep singing tone. As a rapper, he is also lyrically demanding and stands out from most emcees because of his witty wordplay and his aggressive, gritty rapping voice. He's collaborated with artists such as Dreamer Isioma & will cherry, Wells has been covered by Elevator, Voyage Houston Magazine, CanvasRebel Magazine, SHOUTOUT HTX (Voyage Group of Magazines), and Swidlife. The topics of his music vary from love, boastful fun, and even spirituality. Even though he is from the south, he is able to record over production that is more universal than regional. His old southern soul through a young man's eyes is what makes his music age defying. A bright future is to come for Z-Wells.

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