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On September 13, 2018 I released my album entitled Velvet. The album took exactly year to work on, and it was quite a journey. I was inspired by the R&B music that I grew up hearing my family play, as well as the R&B that I loved myself. In particular, my mission with this album was to create something worth while that really touched my own soul, as well as the souls of every listener. My mission was accomplished far beyond what I expected, thanks to GOD. The album cover photos were shot by Dillon Love and Kovi Amaru. The photos were edited by BenJ. I worked with several great artist and producers on this project such as Dreamer Isioma, Terrence Ray, will cherry, Mandell Harrison, MARIAH MARIAH, and my stepsister Kirstie Blaire

Stream or purchase Velvet on all platforms!

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